Up Plus 2 - Nozzle height Detect -Error Message

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Up Plus 2 - Nozzle height Detect -Error Message

Post by DT_Techman » Wed 14 Oct , 2015 12:25 pm

HI, first thread for me!!
We are having trouble with our Up Plus 2 Printer.

When doing the nozzle height detect the table moves to back centre position and rises to allow the nozzle to touch the micro switch.
Although previously working well, it now doesn't stop and we get an error message POP UP.

The table had been tinkered with by a pupil!!! I have reset it with a DTI and refitted the head unit.
I have carried out an AUTO LEVEL process using the Magnetic attachment which appeared successful - told to set nozzle height which has been done but we keep getting the error message.

Any Ideas or suggestions as to the problem please.


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Re: Up Plus 2 - Nozzle height Detect -Error Message

Post by Steve » Mon 19 Oct , 2015 9:26 am

What does the error message say?

Does the auto level on the table work?

It may be an error with the cable or level switch. Check that the cable is fully inserted into the magnetic switch. (sometimes the plug does not go in far enough as the board cans move inside the mounting case)

You can manually set the z height from the calibrate menu. Look at section 3.3.3 Calibrating the Nozzle Height in the manual. (The manual can be found by going to "Start" "Programs" "UP" and is located in the up directory.

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