Help make sure the model sticks to the platform

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Help make sure the model sticks to the platform

Post by bradders » Thu 07 Mar , 2013 15:19 pm

To help make sure the model sticks to the platform:
1. Clean the board with Acetone and avoid getting fingerprints on the board.
2. There is no need to clean out the holes in the perforated board as the next model sticks well to the ABS left in the holes. Just make sure the board is scraped flat.
3. Pre-heat the bed before starting the print for at least 10 minutes
4. Get the nozzle as close as possible to the platform (video here:
5. Make sure the platform is as level as possible so the nozzle remains at the same height across the board
6. There are other materials which you can print on to help platform adhesion: Kapton tape, Glass sheets, Acrylic sheets, and Blue painter's masking tape
7. If not already fitted, adjustable "wind barrier" designs are available to print and fit to the machine. Normally keep the wind deflector closed (i.e. not blowing over the platform) while printing the first layers, then open the deflector to allow wind to cool the model as it is being printed. To get the latest spare parts, install the latest version of the UP! Software from here: ... ry&catid=1
And you will find 3D spare part models in this directory: C:\Program Files\UP\Example

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