Mounting the F1 Fixture into the VMC1300

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Mounting the F1 Fixture into the VMC1300

Post by Guy Pickett-Jones » Tue 11 Nov , 2014 1:04 am

Hi All,

Has anyone mounted the F1 Fixture into the VMC1300?
I have had a look and I think you can just about get the travel you would need in the X Axis but the concern is the fitment getting in the way of the Auto Tool change sequence.

I'm looking at having the rear of the car at the opposite end to the tool changer but haven't quite yet worked out how this will affect the origin and datum offsets needed.

Has anyone done this set-up before?



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Re: Mounting the F1 Fixture into the VMC1300

Post by Steve » Tue 11 Nov , 2014 7:06 am


We would not normally offer the F1 fixture with the VMC as the machine is not ideal for cutting wood. The spindle speed is too low to allow high speed manufacturing so feeds would have to be below 1m min to cut properly.

Also the dust could cause the machine to rust if not cleaned down and recoiled after use.

However the question is similar to the issues of using a 4th axis on a VMC.

Which the power off you can unplug the auto toolchanger and unbolt he auto toolchanger from the machine. The base of the toolchanger has pins fitted to allow it to be repositioned.

There is a link in the cable of the toolchanger hat indicates if it is fitted or not. With the toolchanger removed the X axis travel increases and you will be prompted to manually change tools. The button inside the machine enclosure will allow you to fit and remove tools.

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