Baldor micro flex

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Baldor micro flex

Post by sebson78 » Fri 19 Feb , 2021 12:47 pm

I'm in the process of configuring the servo drive and servo motor in the Mint Work Bench environment. There is a problem with the auto-tuning configuration;

(I will give some details)

-Windows 10 operating system

-Work Bench / Build number: 5860

-Servo drive. FMH 2A06TR-EN23

-Servo motor. BSM 80N-375 AF

Mint workbench informs that the motor encoder is not supported by the controller. I also fail

Feedbact test. In jog, the motor runs irregularly at lower revs, an overload fault occurs.
Overload error is very common. Status Led 8 or 5
I would like to ask for help and advice.

What firmware and how to properly upload it to the controller. I will provide more specific details when making contact.
is it the fault of the wrong software
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should I ignore this message
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