USB to RS232 adapter

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USB to RS232 adapter

Post by abj » Wed 02 Jan , 2019 12:05 pm

Does anyone know what are the requirements for a USB adapter. I'm told some will work and some not, the one I have just got will not. i want to upgrade to VR milling V5 and have a replacement RS232 cable, configured as per Denford machine specific instructions.

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Denstep cards with beta chips, running vr milling through a usb-rs232 converter and using all stock electronics otherwise. Looking to change to Nextstep card to allow tapping into 4th axis.
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Nextstep card but unable to run on modern vr turning due to lack of support for older license files. Likely will be receiving a centroid acorn controller and software.

Re: USB to RS232 adapter

Post by MadeForThat » Thu 03 Oct , 2019 15:14 pm

well I don't know if you are still checking this, or if you ever got an answer, but this adapter has been working for me with windows 10 and vr milling 5 as well as Vr Turning: ... UTF8&psc=1

if that link doesnt work in the future, it was called the "tera grand premium" usb to rs232

I have also been using one of these to switch between my 2 machines: ... UTF8&psc=1

That is a 2 way db9 switch box, and allows me to hook the usb to db9 cable to it, and then connect my 2 machines to that box. Really nice to not bother with switching the db9 cable. Come to think of it- now that I have a usb adapter I don't need to switch between, I could just use 2 adapters :doh:

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Re: USB to RS232 adapter

Post by Martin » Fri 04 Oct , 2019 10:07 am

We had several issues connecting using USB to RS232 adapters running on windows 10.

We found that a UGREEN 20210 USB Serial Cable, USB to RS232 DB9 9 pin Converter worked correctly. ... 157&sr=8-2

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