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Any information regarding the Denford ZeroCentre ZeroTurn ZeroBore Fanuc CNC machines

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ZeroTurn up date

Post by graydog68 » Sat 10 Nov , 2018 11:43 am

So I've had a zerotrun since 2013. nice machine although sometimes could do with fitting a tail-stock. the lathe is primarily used for hobby work and parts for setting landspeed records building solar cars/EV. A lot of hubs.

When I got the machine from Glyndwr university it had been stood for 4yrs, the 24V psu was shot and the A16B-1200-0800 /b10 board was toast
this is the interface board between the digital bit and the power electronics.
I got the machine as part of a redundancy package from the uni. When I join the in '07 it had not been working for 18mth, simple swop-out the psu again and it worked for a year. We went on vacation '08 and on out return the lathe died again. I was not allowed to repair it then as "it was deemed I was not trained to do so" (as a minor point I have a BEng and PHD in electronics stuff).
it was noted the parameters were all over the show, seems like someone did not want the lathe to run.

any way clock the time forward to 2018 june. working on a job setup Home x and y. the lathe pushes back to x home and.....
alarm errors

on switch on the relays world trip and the circuit breaker would sometimes too.
noted that the ceramic resistor left of the board got hot. the machine is used in the typical hobby garage so floating temperatures etc, not the best environment as a bit damp.
on inspection the board show sign of damn damage to some of teh component leg.
a call to Andy at Pennine Automation spares and a replacement board is on route.

BIG NOTE !!!! if you are going to investigate this power amp board MAKE SURE THE BIG CAPACITOR IS DISCHARGED,

new board fitted same alarm errors. hummmmmm and even more that smell of heat. the of the ceramics on the A20B-1003-027 are cooking too.
We pull the board set out and trace though to the MG15H1AL1 NPN transistor. quick test shows C-E are as good as short circuit in both directions. 32 euro and a new one arrives form Esposito Gaetano , Germany. Fitted to the board and using the rep lament A16 board the lathe powered up with the axis driving.
BIG NOTE !!!! if you are going to investigate this power amp board MAKE SURE THE BIG CAPACITOR IS DISCHARGED
we double checked all or parameters prior to power up.

first Zrn home on X and we get the 520 axis over-travel.

so power off.
pressing P and CAN .........
press green power on till full boot
all axis zero just fine.

As a note I take no responsibility if you repair your own lathe, the above is a rough outline for some of the issues we have had. keep safe

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