Viceroy 20 Pillar Drill Replacement Guards

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Hardware/Software: Viceroy 20 Pillar Drill

Viceroy 20 Pillar Drill Replacement Guards

Post by hlocke » Wed 11 Mar , 2020 10:58 am

Hi, can anyone please help?

We have three old Viceroy Pillar drills at our school and need replacement guards for all three! I cant seem to source them and I don't know if there is a suitable alternative.

I would be very grateful for any advice!

Thank you in advance. I can provide pictures and more information if need be.


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Re: Viceroy 20 Pillar Drill Replacement Guards

Post by TDIPower » Wed 11 Mar , 2020 22:59 pm

we use these ... duct_id=55 just check the sizes as i think you can get different


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