cuttting plastazote foam sheet.

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cuttting plastazote foam sheet.

Post by esk-technician » Fri 23 Sep , 2016 10:43 am

Hi I've recently bought some RVFM plastzote foam suitable for laser cutting from Rapid. I've successfully cut some but I'm not sure I have the correct settings. In my materials database it offers foam board which is the setting that I used, but foam board is potentially more dense than the material I'm using. Does anyone else use this material and which settings do you use?

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Re: cuttting plastazote foam sheet.

Post by TDIPower » Fri 23 Sep , 2016 20:52 pm

I think you have the latter laser than we do (we have the VL300) it has very limited settings. One problem I found is that when you cut plastazote it 'creeps back' giving an enlarged 'V' cut so you end up with a piece smaller than say if you cut the same design from acrylic. The way round this I found was to use a setting that travels quickly eg paper, then tell the laser it is on a 'custom bed' using the thickness of the plastazote. This ensures the focus of the beam is at the surface of the material and using the custom bed ensures the cone clears it.

I have done similar things for engraving on boxes, tell it the thickness of the box material and tell it the material is on a custom bed the height of the box less the material thickness on the cut surface.

Hope that helps


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