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Referencing tool for VL200

Posted: Wed 05 Nov , 2014 18:20 pm
by RMteacher
Hi , our VL200 isn't cutting to well at the moment. Filters and lenses are cleaned on a regular basis but the honeycomb bed needs replacing again .

I am hoping to check the referencing of the machine too. In the user guide there appears to be some kind of referencing tool and special bed with numbers written on. We have none of those items so presumably accurate referencing cannot be done? Can these be purchased from Denford?

Re: Referencing tool for VL200

Posted: Fri 07 Nov , 2014 0:05 am
by TDIPower
How old is the laser?

I went down the route of checking this lot before I bit the bullet and got a new laser tube (ours managed 10yrs). Really easy to replace.

The honey comb is replaceable in the bed too (I did that as well).

We had the original solid bed but had lost the Z height tool. Given the condition for the mirror/lens in the head I got those as a repayments and it came with the Z height tool.