Which Versalaser?

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Which Versalaser?

Post by oldernowiser » Wed 29 May , 2013 9:02 am


I'm a complete novice in this field so I'm looking to pick some brains. I'm a school technology technician and my HoD has asked me to gather some information re laser cutters and what our best options are (we have a tentative agreement that the school will buy us one!)

We've done a bit of research and pretty much decided Versalaser is the way to go but can anyone suggest which model

I know these things are relative to what sort of use we'd make of it but, until we have one up and running and 'play' with it, it's hard to judge how often/what we'd use it for.

Could I ask what type of machine you use? What bed size or wattage? Do you use a honeycomb bed, extraction unit and rotary attachment? Do you have to replace the CO2 cartridge often? Does it need much maintenance/servicing? Also, auto focus or manual?

Apologies if these questions make no sense but, as a I say, I'm a novice. Any other advice would be welcome too.

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Re: Which Versalaser?

Post by Martin » Wed 29 May , 2013 10:19 am

It may be best to arrange for a demonstration if you are in the UK.

Our standard machine is the VLS 3.50 with a bed size 610mm x 305mm. This would come as standard with a Honeycomb table, Air assist, Auto Z & Extraction. The rotary fixture would be an extra but is great for engraving glasses.
(The Auto Z moves the table to allow for different thickness material.)

ULS offer a service exchange replacement for the tube which drops in to position & fastened in with 2 screws. It should last at least 4 1/2 years but lots have lasted a lot longer without a recharge.

You would also need to allow for replacement filters every couple of years depending on use.

If you keep an eye on the optics (2 min's every now & then) then the maintenance is not an issue.

We supply all ULS machines to education in the UK with a 2 year warranty.

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