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Techsoft 2D problems with Versa Laser

Posted: Thu 30 Mar , 2006 14:07 pm
by bradders
When i set the Techsoft 2D page to match the VL300 it will only give us 297mm x 210mm. To further confirm the problem, when i go to print setup and VL300 properties, the dialog box shows the engraving field to be - width 11.693inches and height 8.268inches.
On right clicking the Laser Settings dialog box the help notes tell me that the Laser Settings tab should give me " the controls for the settings that will be changed most often" I am beginning to feel really stupid here because I cannot find any controls.
How do I change the engraving field to allow the VL300 to print an image larger than 297mm x 210mm?

Posted: Thu 30 Mar , 2006 14:08 pm
by bradders
We have looked at your problem on our system here. Basically if you do not have the VL 300 set as your default printer in CONTROL PANEL / PRINTERS & FAXES then you get the error with the cutting size of 11" x 8.5" (Greyed out) and Techsoft goes into its TILE MODE setting.

Posted: Fri 31 Mar , 2006 12:38 pm
by Steve
I have found that you have to set the laser to the default printer and set up the driver from the control panel Printers page. Once this is done you can then change to another default printer again!

Re: Techsoft 2D problems with Versa Laser

Posted: Tue 10 Mar , 2015 23:29 pm
by TDIPower
My IT guys at work are having a massive issue with sorting this out. It was all working fine for about 2years from when new moved from XP to Win7 and all new computers. (I had had it happen on the XP system I ran in my room, to fix it I just uninstalled all the printers and started again with the VL 1st as default)

As far as I understand it the school network runs a print script on all the computers, this loads the physically closest printer to the PC in use, but sometimes it has a hiccup and loads one in on the far side of school or none at all. Which is frustrating.

The computer that has the Laser plugged in to it does have the Laser set as the default printer then loads the access to the other printers via the script. So if kids want to print to paper they just select the normal printer that is in room for that job.

So a few weeks back it dropped the bed size, they have tried to fix it but just can't get it sorted. I have told them to remove all the VL drivers and other printers then start from scratch with a fresh install but they seem to still have problems.

Anyway so I could get the GCSE stuff done, I got an old laptop loaded up the VL driver and have had to mess about putting kids work on a USB stick from the school network and dropping it on the laptop.

Today I forgot to plug the USB cable for the laser into the laptop. When I clicked the green button to open up the laser control it brought up the Laser control but with the smaller 11x8 inch bed size and with the searching for USB window too (nothing at all to do with Techsoft 2D Design tools, it wasn't even open or running!).
I closed the laser control, plugged the laser in and opened the laser control again and it was back to the normal 24x12 inch.

Further research/info.
The laptop only has the laser installed as a printer so if you disconnect the laser then it must be something in its the control program that drops it to 11x8.
To prove this I loaded up Serif draw, and this showed the bed size of 11x8.
I opened up the control panel > printers > opened up the properties of the laser, 11x8
Plug the laser in and open up the laser or Serif again, control panel > printers > opened up the properties and it was back to 24x12

SO to me it looks like the problem is the VL control program changing the bed size when it can't find the laser, if the computer can then find another printer it somehow 'locks' the laser size to 11x8 because when the laser is plugged in again it doesn't switch back to the correct size remaining at 11x8 until all printers are removed an start afresh with the VL software 1st.

Thinking back to when the PC that normally controls the laser changed the bed size to 11x8 it may have been when the switch on the power socket was left turned off so the PC couldn't find it.

I know my guys have spoken to Denford and Techsoft and neither side thinks it is their program that is to fault. Well from my tests I am 99% Techsoft isn't the issue. I will uninstall Techsoft completely if I get time tomorrow and repeat the tests. I do think it is the VL driver doing something silly, I wish I was a programmer so I could 'hack' the program to see what's going on but tha is way above me.