Parting Off Troubles

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Parting Off Troubles

Post by tecteach » Mon 05 Jul , 2010 17:58 pm

I have just received the new parting off tool we recently bought from yourselves after damaging the old one by machining medium carbon steel without being told not to. I have put a new tip in and set the machine running. Everything went well untill the parting off tool came into contact with the workpiece. Tool number 1 had machined in a 1mm rad and as the parting off tool tip came down on this, the tip went sideways and jammed itself into the workpiece. This stopped the chuck turning and I stopped the machine, managed to got the tool tip and workpiece out. The tip is wrecked as is the workpiece.
My issue is how do I stop the tip from coming loose ? I have had this new tool holder lose a tip previously whilst the machine was running despite checking the tip was in 'securely'
Does the tip need gluing to the holder as it does not seem very secure ?
Why did I choose this profession, cos it aint for the money !

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