Triac PC setup

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Triac PC setup

Post by sukyme » Wed 02 Aug , 2006 15:20 pm

We try to setup our TRIAC pc. Everything going smooth until VR milling problem comes up. We can Jog, home position and mDI with the VR milling but when we try to run our .fnc file the error occur. " Machine Error : M5 operation timed out" but when we try next time another display come out "Machine Error : M30 operation timed out". At the same time all our .fnc file icon display as undefined file. Please help me on this.

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Post by Denford Admin » Sat 05 Aug , 2006 16:06 pm

I'm guessing this problem is to do with toolchanging
When M-codes time out its usually because the Baldor control card is busy doing something (eg waiting for an input to change state)
This is usually when you have asked for a toolchange and the sequence has not completed, or you don't have a toolchanger fitted, but the software thinks there is one.
Other things the machine may be wating for are: CIM system inputs; for the door to open / close (if automatic)

Go to setup - machine parameters - password
Check the parameters for tool changer they should be self explanatory.

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