coolant options

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coolant options

Post by Andycnc » Wed 11 May , 2011 10:57 am

Has anyone fitted flood or mist coolant to a starmill?

If this was fitted as a factory option, was anything special done to the mill? eg, a drain hole cut in the base, some extra guards/seals to prevent moisture ingress anywhere?

25 years as Electronics design Engineer, cnc machines used for manufacture of prototypes. Have Boxford 240tcl and 260vmc, Denford starmill, used to have an Orac. All converted to run Mach3. Happy to try to help with any tech issues.

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Re: coolant options

Post by LozHarropLures » Sat 26 Jan , 2019 18:34 pm

Long shot on a ten year unanswered post, but has anyone any tips/advice on fitting coolant on a Starmill?

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