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coil/thread design reversed

Posted: Sat 23 May , 2020 1:47 am
by markymac
G'day all,

I'm trying to make a small part with a coarse thread to be used as a wooden insert of sorts, my problem is that even though the model has a standard thread and the toolpath shows it making a standard thread (quickcam4D) when machined (2600 pro) the result is a reverse thread.
If anyone has an idea why this is happening I would love to know.
Furthermore the opposite is also correct when creating a toolpath for a reverse thread I end up with a standard thread. ???

Re: coil/thread design reversed

Posted: Wed 27 May , 2020 17:58 pm
by Steve
Can you check the 4th axis is running in the correct direction?

This is the procedure to allow it to be checked.

If it is going the wrong way then you need to switch one of the motor phase pairs round.

In Jog mode index the 4th axis so the marker reads 0 then click the offset icon so the position reads zero.

Index the motor with the “.” Key and move it 90 degrees. Check the dial now reads 90.

Enter MDI mode and index the axis to A270 and check it goes to the correct position.

Send the axis back to the 0 position before finishing the setup.

Re: coil/thread design reversed

Posted: Thu 28 May , 2020 23:55 pm
by markymac
G'day Steve,

Thanks for your reply, from the test you described it seems that the 4th axis is in fact running in the wrong direction,

when pressing the "." key the chuck rotates in a counter clockwise direction and once rotated to the 90 degrees position the dial reads instead 270.

If you get a chance could you please describe the process of switching the motor phase pairs around,

Thanks again,


Re: coil/thread design reversed

Posted: Mon 01 Jun , 2020 7:05 am
by Martin
Hi Mark

The easiest way is to swap a pair of motor wires over. It would normally be done on the stepper drive. The motor is wired with 2 pairs so make sure you swap the same pair.