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Axis autofocus probe

Posted: Mon 17 Feb , 2020 17:21 pm
by DoddsyCNC
Hi folks

Looking to try and get round some of the things that make setting of the machines a barrier for some staff and students in a school setting and one thing I commonly find they struggle with is setting of offsets.

Has anyone any experience of integrating a z-height probe-autofocus into a Denford router at all, or have any suggestions as to how to make the setting of the axis mich easier?



Re: Axis autofocus probe

Posted: Mon 17 Feb , 2020 21:33 pm
by TDIPower
a simple way would be to use a feeler gauge (or piece of metal with a known thickness) wire from it to a 'black box' other wire from the 'black box' goes to a crock clip which is clipped onto the cutter. Inside the 'black box' is a simple battery, LED or buzzer setup.
For Z height just lay the feeler gauge on to the top of the material, clip the other wire to the cutter, bring the tool down close to the surface then swap to step mode and step down until the LED lights up. You can now hit the Z zero button.
Don't forget you will need to set up the 'tool offset' in the tool library to take into account the thickness of the feeler gauge.

with a bit of thought you can do the same for touching the tool onto the sides of the material for X and Y