New machine - how to physically move the tool?

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New machine - how to physically move the tool?

Post by LindsayG » Sun 11 Nov , 2018 8:02 am

Hello all. We just took delivery of the new Router 2600 for F1 in Schools. I can't work out how to get the tool to physically move to the 000 point I'm trying to set. The instructions for setting the datum tell me to touch the tool onto the left hand side of the billet and then set parameters in the software. All good except for the 'touching the tool' part.
I can hear the servos going and there are reassuring clicking noises as though it *wants* to move. I can also get the spindle to turn, the door locks and unlocks and so on.
I'm starting to think there may be some last bit of packaging in place which I can't see, or just some very obvious button I haven't spotted.
Any help please?

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