Disassembling Orac spindle

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Disassembling Orac spindle

Post by lsteele » Mon 19 Nov , 2018 20:13 pm


Despite relubricating my Orac spindle bearings I've been getting poor running (squeaking, slow to start) recently and the bearings feel a little rough. I decided to disassemble the spindle to inspect the bearings and probably replace them. I've taken the pulleys, nuts etc off the rear of the spindle, but I'm not having a lot of luck pulling the spindle out. I've improvised a bearing puller using some M8 studding (largest I had to hand), but I'm not getting anywhere. Plan now is to use a bigger studding size and longer handled wrenches. If that's no good I'll rework my bearing puller so I have four screws bearing on the headstock (with some scrap for the screws to bear on so they don't mar the surface), and gradually tighten them. I'm just posting to ask if anyone has done this and can offer any pointers?

Here's a couple of pictures showing what I'm doing:




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Re: Disassembling Orac spindle

Post by cilynx » Tue 14 Apr , 2020 21:38 pm

How did this wind up working out? I'm rebuilding an ORAC and on the fence about pulling the spindle apart or just letting it be as this won't be a high-production machine.

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