Replacing the spindle drive belt

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Replacing the spindle drive belt

Post by Dodds » Sun 12 Feb , 2017 21:07 pm

Hello, I have had my Novamill about 18 months and during that time the spindle drive belt has started to get noisy. On closer inspection the rubber drive belt is starting to break up. I decided to try to replace it but I am stuck at the point of getting the old belt past the Z ball screw! Would any body be able to advise me what is required to remove the old belt. If it means removing the Z ball screw could you explain how to do this correctly? Has this procedure already been covered in another thread?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Replacing the spindle drive belt

Post by fgc » Wed 03 May , 2017 18:56 pm

"You'll need to remove the castellated nut, and then knock the leadscrew downwards out of the casting. The nut is what sets the preload on the two bearings that control endfloat, whereas the bearing at the opposite end is just to provide support.

You may need to remove the column, as there may not be clearance in base casting to let the ballscrew/support bearing to drop out."

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