VR Milling DXF Importer query

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VR Milling DXF Importer query

Post by oyoung » Tue 21 Apr , 2015 14:48 pm

Hi - I am using the VR Milling (Ver DXF Importer to cut a simple profile out of 3mm steel. However, the Novamill only cuts 1mm deep and finishes, despite my entering 3mm on the billet depth and also the Z Retract Height, on the last screen. I assumed that it was going to continue going down in 1mm increments, but it only did one then finished. How do I make it do the whole lot?


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Re: VR Milling DXF Importer query

Post by Martin » Tue 21 Apr , 2015 15:19 pm

You need to set the depth of cut to 3mm.

If you choose steel the stepdown is set to 25% so it will cut to 25% of the tool diameter per pass. So a 1mm tool would do .25mm per pass & a 4mm tool would do 1mm per pass.
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