novamill spindle speed

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novamill spindle speed

Post by nevm3 » Tue 18 Dec , 2007 21:58 pm

spindle appears to run at same rpm whatever speed i program into it and takes quite a few seconds to reach this speed, also can slow spindle with hand when running. :?:

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Post by Martin » Wed 19 Dec , 2007 20:48 pm

It sounds as if there is no Analogue voltage out of the Control card.

If your machine is a standard Novamill the Control card will be mounted in the top left of the electrical box. The two wires to look at are connected in the bottom left corner of the card directly below the 9 way socket. (Twin wire, red & blue).

The output is 0 to 10 volts DC depending on the speed requested.

I guess it will read low & not change.

You can get the board repaired by contacting Denfords

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Re: novamill spindle speed

Post by knova » Thu 20 Feb , 2020 17:05 pm

Thread revival but I think I’ve acquired this actual Novamill! :) The spindle is now usually powered externally, bypassing the black box.

When using the black box, we get the same symptom (no speed control), we put a multimeter on it and the override pot works, the software sees the pot’s input, and the rpm can be changed in the software....but the 0-10v output never changes, it’s a stead and possibly noisy 5.5/5.6v.

Has anyone got any ideas short of replacing the board? As a plan C I might alter the bypass method to give a ‘manual’ 0-10v to the black box from an additional mini power supply.

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Re: novamill spindle speed

Post by TDIPower » Thu 20 Feb , 2020 23:29 pm

it would be worth posting up pics of what in the box, go through all the diagrams that are on here and get to know what you have. Work through things a stage at a time post up and we can help as much as possible


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Re: novamill spindle speed

Post by DavidJ » Wed 26 Feb , 2020 11:26 am

Might be worth looking also at this post ... int#p20031

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