Another Communication problem

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Another Communication problem

Post by Wardy » Sun 21 Jun , 2020 13:12 pm

Hi All
I have bought a microrouter year 2001
I am having serious problems with connecting it to VR5.69 milling latest software
I have now bought 2 leads from USB to RS232
I am running WIN 7 64 bit
I have installed the ABB 64 bit motion control drivers
I have set the machine up as router DENSTEP
And still no avail
The board in the cabinet is showing 8
Which reading up its ready to go
I have checked the baud rate etc on the the device panel on the laptop
The machine parameters are the same
So I am now at my wits end
I am a engineer so I am a bit basic on the required needs for pcb boards and wiring im more mechanical
Can anyone help

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Re: Another Communication problem

Post by TDIPower » Sun 21 Jun , 2020 21:15 pm

what cable do you have running from the RS232 to the machine?
If you have a search there is a pin out that is to run direct from 9way on a PC to the 9way on the board.
Have you selected the correct machine in VR milling? You don't say which board you have, does it have the red 7 seg or the green 7 segment display?
These is a bit of diagnostics software on the software cd I can never remember what it is called, It might be easy upgrader, this checks the machine, you could try running that as that might talk.


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Re: Another Communication problem

Post by Wardy » Wed 24 Jun , 2020 10:24 am

Thanks for getting back to me Pete
I am going out of my mind trying to connect the laptop to the machine

I have the black lindy cable with a 25 pin rs232 in the back of the router
coneected to that I have the grey lead that also came with the machine that takes it down to 9 pin
and then I have the USB connection to that in the laptop
I have set it as DENSTEP
As it has red 7 seg
the laptop is seeing the router as when i unplug it at the back of the router the laptop bings
its just not talking to it
any ideas

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Re: Another Communication problem

Post by Martin » Wed 24 Jun , 2020 11:26 am

What is the version of E Prom on the Dendtep control card? If it's 2.0 05 2.1 then it should be ok for VRMilling but it may be a Dos chip.

What Com port do you have the USB to serial adaptor set to? I would suggest setting it in advanced to between Com 1 & Com 5 if possible.

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Re: Another Communication problem

Post by DavidB » Wed 24 Jun , 2020 14:04 pm


Have a read of this recent thread . If your control board has the NiMH battery it may be the same issue of it leaking and causing comms issues.

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