USB Upgrade Procedure

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USB Upgrade Procedure

Post by hockinsk » Wed 01 Nov , 2017 23:21 pm

What is the required upgrade/process to get from an RS232 Baldor nextstep green led card to a USB one on the Microrouter Pro V5 NS? I understand I will probably need to purchase a VR Milling v5 licence which is fine because I want to use a more modern PC anyway without a 25 pin dongle and process more 3D type files, but is the hardware upgrade simply a case of a USB connector on the machine to replace the RS232 one and finding a USB NextStep/MoveBaldor USB breakout card on the interweb to replace the RS232 Baldor card? Many thanks.

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Re: USB Upgrade Procedure

Post by Steve » Thu 02 Nov , 2017 16:14 pm

The Green display indicates you have a NS card (NextStep) which is the version supplied just before USB. The capability for 3D interpolation is just as good as the USB card.

I would initially try getting an RS232 to USB adapter and see if you can get that working. VR Milling 5 will work with the card so you may be able to save the expense of upgrading the card.

VR Milling 5 would give you a DXF Cam import and speed up manufacture.

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