TOE80 Turret Problem

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TOE80 Turret Problem

Post by jamesgates1000 » Thu 07 Mar , 2019 10:31 am

The turret on my Cyclone would very occasionally not tool change, but was fine if turned off and on again.

This morning it has started doing other strange things,

It will spin past the tool it is indexing too then do an extra rotation before stopping on it.

Sometimes it will immediately move to the part other times it will wait for anything up to a minute then move and sometimes it doesn't move at all.

Occasionally it just spins over and over.

Of course this has happened while doing a urgent job for a new customer, so for now I am just struggling on until I can finish these parts then will look properly.

I have rotated the encoder slightly in either direction(couldn't find the strobe diagnostic bit for this mine is Fanuc 21i and densest have 6.7 which is mentioned in another post) and lubed the shot bolt but this doesn't seen to have made too much difference.

The proximity switch in the top panel seems to be functioning correctly as the light goes on and off when it should do.

A bit of dirty coolant did leak out of the back panel where the encoder is. I guess it could just need taking out and cleaning.

No alarms coming up.

Anyone have any ideas?

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