Cyclone Dripfeed - Possible?

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Cyclone Dripfeed - Possible?

Post by SimonRafferty » Tue 01 Jan , 2019 10:30 am

I'll answer the 'why' question first.
On a previous machine, I made a little Arduino powered box which had a number of wizards for quick machining jobs selected from a touch-screen. Things like facing, chamfers, radiused ends & slots, much like the wizards built in to Mach3. You dialed up what you wanted, press GO and it executed it as a drip-feed.

This bridged the gap between a general purpose manual lathe (or mill) and a CNC - and proved very useful.
It's essentially like a DMC but where you can enter parameters for the job.

I now have my cyclone fully operational - and would like to add something similar.

I've read in some places that it will not accept drip-feed, others that it can and others that it can if you change some parameters. Mine has a FANUC controller. More details here: viewtopic.php?f=33&t=5641&p=22710#p22666

Any ideas?

It's a great machine! I've only machined one part so far - but I love it!

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