cyclone - tool offsets

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cyclone - tool offsets

Post by Dangle_kt » Tue 28 Aug , 2018 14:14 pm

I thought i'd share this, as the info on how to do things on old FANUC's is getting hard to find.

The common opinion seems to be to leave work shift alone, so I zeroed z and x out.

To set tool offsets, navigate to MDI mode, move to a safe retract distance for a tool change and programme: T0101 M06 (the first two digits select the tool, and second two select the offset)

Once the desired tool is ready to cut you need to decide.if you are going to use the work piece or the chuck as your z zero. I use the chuck, so that I don’t have to run the process again for each job.

Jog to the chuck face, touch off it with some paper or shim stock. Press menu offset twice to get to the tool offset table, cursor to the correct tool number, press “offset measure” button if you have one (not all otb do oddly) then type mz 0.1 input (where 0.1 is the thickness of my paper in mm)

This updates the tool z offset.

Repeat for x by taking a skim cut and micing it, use this diameter measurement when keying in. Cursor to correct tool in tool offset page, Press offset measure, type MX 20.0 input and the x should update for that tool.

Change tool via MDI and repeat the process for all tools.

Hope this helps someone new to fanuc.

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