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Post by uzairqidwai » Sun 18 Feb , 2018 11:32 am

We have a MRC 40 machine in our school. It has not been used for quite some time now, and the entire department has changed. We don't have any of the license keys for the VR Miller Program. Is there a free alternative?
We were also unable to get the machine to show up as a device on our laptops (win 7) even after installing all the drivers etc. Can we please have assistance in getting the machine to work?

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Re: Setup

Post by TDIPower » Sun 18 Feb , 2018 17:03 pm

No free options, you would need to call Denford directly and discuss the situation over your license. As far as I know, if you loose it you have to buy a new one. You would want to be running the latest version of VR5 (you can download from the site BUT it wont do anything without a licence file).
A lot of people move over to Mach 3 rather than buying denford software as you can modify things a bit but that requires the electronics changing and a mach 3 licence.
For me the machines work great as denford machines with denford software, I have only had a few issues over the years with various machines, most of the time it has been something simple to sort out.
Re not showing up as a device, I take it you are using USB? All the machines I have used have been RS232 and nothing 'shows up' on device manager that is RS232, so I can't comment on how a USB machine would or would not be seen.


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