Engraving Lettering

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Engraving Lettering

Post by nicksmrvil » Thu 28 Jan , 2010 16:25 pm

To enable us to identify the work of individual students we ask them to include their name in their circuit design. When engraving the board, the cutter tracks outside the lettering, leaving the letter itself in copper. This is time consuming and unnecessary. Is there any way that the cutter could just cut on the line of the letter? We are using Circuit Wizard.



As a PS to this, is there any software that work with this machine to allow us to engrave small items such as name badges or trophy plaques?

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Re: Engraving Lettering

Post by Steve » Thu 28 Jan , 2010 17:55 pm

What machine do you have? Is it a PCB Engraver?

The PCB import wizard is designed to process parts as Islands. It will always run around the outside.

If the students just used initials it would be faster also a font with straight lines as letters would be faster.

Denford have also provided a package called QuickCAM 2d Design with thier machines over the last 12 - 18 months do you have this?

This package is ideal for engraving and 2 D circuits. You can also import Gerber files into this.

The CAM part of the software would then allow you to engrave text by following a line and machine arround the circuit board parts as well.

in the help there is a sample circuit board and text tutorial.

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Re: Engraving Lettering

Post by Denford Admin » Thu 28 Jan , 2010 18:00 pm

I think you will have also got a copy of QuickCAM 2D Design ?
If so, you can easily create a template drawing for single-line font engraving and post a G-Code file which can be loaded into the PCB engraver.
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