Tool/Material definitions, what does these mean?

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Tool/Material definitions, what does these mean?

Post by TDIPower » Sun 19 Mar , 2017 1:14 am

I am working my way through the tooling I have and the setup within QT2D but don't understand what some of the things mean. As there is no manual for QT2D I'm trying to work things out for myself but need help now.


This is the set up for Tool1, I set it up from within QT2D but ran into an issue when for some reason it mixed things up (it decided to add the pecking option thus thinking it was a drill) I had to compare my new file with the original to see what it had done.

[Tool 1] This is the tool position in the ATC
Tool Type=1 What is this as different tool have different types, is there a list of what all these are?
Comment=TIZIT SDJCR 1212 F11 - DCMT 11T3 TIP What I have called my tool.
Position=0 What is this as each tool has a different number and no relation to the tool position?
Z Offset=0 Could I put the offsets in here on the other tools in relation to this one so I only need to set up tool 1 on the machine?
X Offset=0
In Use=1 means to include it in the possible G code
Peck On=1 This is what QT2D decided to add when I generated the tool, now removed
M04=0 Spindle counterclockwise
Inverted=1 Inverted tooling as the post machines from the back
Tip Angle=55 All the dimensions of the tool following
Tip L=11.6
Tip R=0.4
Tip S=3.97
Tip D1=4.4

This is the spec of my parting tool, QT2D ignores the DMax size and will produce code to use this tool even when the part exceeds 30mm.

[Tool 3]
Tool Type=12
Comment=Right Hand Groove/Parting Tool Tip Width 2.200mm
Z Offset=0
X Offset=0
In Use=1
Tip S=2.2
Tip R=0.1
DMax=30 Ignored by QT2D


Can you fill me in one what this lot means and how it relates to tooling. I need to modify speeds in the machining as my Starturn 5 only has speeds from 100 to 1800 rpm and on some of the materials I can see speeds well over that. I could really do with help on setting this lot up as I have never done feeds & speeds (always just turned with what felt right on my Boxford) so the CSS (I googled that to find out it meant Constant surface speed). I am trying to use information from Lathecam on materials but it doesn't have the same format.

[Material 1]
Name=Steel (EN1A)
Material Type=3
Max Cut Depth=0

[Material 1 Feed Speed 1]
Feed Speed Type=3
Cut Depth=1.2
Finish Cut Depth=0.6
Finish Feed=200
Finish Speed=1800
Rev Feed=0.06
Rev Finish Feed=0.05
CSS Speed=110
CSS Finish Speed=130
Per Rev Mode=1
CSS Mode=1

Are there any plans for a more detailed instruction book like Lathcam had? I noticed someone asked in 2012 and I can only find the quickstart guide.

Thanks Pete

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Re: Tool/Material definitions, what does these mean?

Post by Steve » Wed 22 Mar , 2017 15:07 pm

From the setup menu load a default tool library such as Turn 270PRO recommended.

The material and tool library is imported then.

To edit these again go to the options menu and then open tooling or materials.

Do not edit the file manually but using the menus from the options. Tooling defines the geomtry of the tool materials set the feeds and speeds.

You can decide if the turning and parting tools work in CCS or CRPM when you open the material library and then select a tool then click edit.

You can change the speeds from defaults.

Most customers get the software with a machine so the feeds and speeds are correct by default.

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Re: Tool/Material definitions, what does these mean?

Post by sonali31 » Thu 31 Jan , 2019 12:58 pm

This discussion really helped..!

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Re: Tool/Material definitions, what does these mean?

Post by Rajeshmehta » Fri 21 Jun , 2019 10:21 am

Valuable information shared. Thank you for this discussion.

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