Quick Turn Conversion Issues

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Quick Turn Conversion Issues

Post by garethplant » Tue 13 Jan , 2015 17:52 pm


I hope someone can help me on this issue.

I have created a closed polyline 2D profile drawing in AutoCAD 2013. I have saved it as a R14/LT98/LT98 .dwg file as that is what my version of Quick Turn 2D Design Version 1.10 supports.

When I import it into Quick Turn 2D Design and proceed through the wizard it seems to mirror the bottom half fine however the top half seems to be missing lines and as a result that is where I have to exit as I can not proceed any further.

Has anyone had similar issues or knows how to resolve the problem?

Thank you
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Re: Quick Turn Conversion Issues

Post by JohnTech » Mon 23 Mar , 2015 10:24 am


I have recently posted a similar question to yours entitled 'DXF problems'.
I am having the same sort of issues, except that the drawings are getting more corrupt.
Did you eventually get anywhere with your import solutions?


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Re: Quick Turn Conversion Issues

Post by Denford Admin » Wed 25 Mar , 2015 15:17 pm

Hi. There is a new version of Quickturn that has just been uploaded. Can you please try installing this new version 1.22, and see if that imports the file as expected. If not then can you please attach the DXF file to this forum thread.

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