Tolerancing on Quick Turn

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Tolerancing on Quick Turn

Post by tecteach » Sun 03 Jan , 2010 23:30 pm

I am looking at a project using limits and fits and was wondering if you can apply a tolerance to a dimension :
eg : instead of 20mm diameter, can you have 19.60 - 19.99 ?
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Re: Tolerancing on Quick Turn

Post by Denford Admin » Mon 04 Jan , 2010 12:41 pm

Not really - whatever you draw is (or should be) what you get out of the machine.
So if you draw a 20mm diameter, the machine offsets are setup correctly and the tool geometry (eg, tip radius) matches the software then you will get a 20mm diameter bar.
If you want it slightly undersize, then I'd favour drawing at the lower tolerance so that any push-off or wear will keep the part within tolerance.

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