QuickTURN v1.7 released 26th Nov 2009

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QuickTURN v1.7 released 26th Nov 2009

Post by Denford Admin » Thu 26 Nov , 2009 11:59 am

Check for the latest version here:
http://www.website.denford.ltd.uk/suppo ... -downloads

//v1.7 - Fixed an issue with some PC's chopping the end of the simulation off for no apparent reason. Something to do with moves to the same (or very nearly) position
//v1.7 - Fixed a problem with very small jobs where the back finish tool was enabled, it was adding a strange unnecessary move at the front of the job.
//v1.7 - stopped the back end of jobs getting chamfered by the finishing tool
//v1.7 - updated QuickTURN_Default.MML to enable Parting on the grooving tool by default
//v1.7 - Made it so two RH Turning tools can be defined and one used for roughing, one used for finishing
//v1.7 - Greatly improved groove roughing so that it doesn't make unnecessary cuts or fresh air cuts (added an X clearance dimension in menu options to define lift clearance height before each plunge)
//v1.7 - Made 3D Preview screen dockable and 'live' as you change the 2D design
//v1.7 - You can now change the colour of the 3D preview, or the wizard model although that will always default to the colour set in the material you pick
//v1.7 - Altered 1st roughing pass to take 1st cut into the billet diameter (so make sure you have measured the billet correctly) - it used to create one or two fresh air passes, which got complaints

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