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Machining Nylon

Posted: Thu 19 Nov , 2009 10:58 am
by tecteach
How do we machine nylon ?
We have machined this material using both the aluminium & wax settings but have produced an awful finish.
Do we ditch the nylon and buy delrin ???

Re: Machining Nylon

Posted: Thu 19 Nov , 2009 13:49 pm
by Steve
Nylon is a dreadful material to cut as it tends to just string up and wrap round the part.

Delrin cuts much better.

If you must stick with nylon try increasing the depth of cut and the feedrate. If you can get the material away from the job it should cut better.

You can probably buy better cutters and inserts for Nylon but that would entail editing all the tool library and purchasing tooling.

I would recomend Delrin.