VR Milling v5.56 released 3rd April 2014

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VR Milling v5.56 released 3rd April 2014

Post by Denford Admin » Thu 03 Apr , 2014 12:58 pm

// 06th Jan 2014 v5.55 - The curve optimisation now reduces curves in setps of 4 degrees and not 10.

// 03rd Apr 2014 v5.56 - Addition of code for VCarve
// 03rd Apr 2014 v5.56 - Addition of VCutter tools. All tools now have an angle attribute
// 03rd Apr 2014 v5.56 - Default speed of the camera in the simulation is reduced
// 03rd Apr 2014 v5.56 - Addition of new 2600 ATC machine in the machine list
// 03rd Apr 2014 v5.56 - Addition of tool replacement movements for 2600ATC

Download the latest version on this page:
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Re: VR Milling v5.56 released 3rd April 2014

Post by TDIPower » Sat 28 Jun , 2014 10:54 am

Just a note.
I have found that if you have a Micromill 2000 (circa 2002 With red 7 segment display V2.1 or V2.13 software; the versions in the machines I have tried) the settings within VR5 are not correct.
In the Micromill 2000 DENSTEP from the legacy machine option.

To stop getting the Access Violation error when you try to connect to the Micromill (real machine)

Go To
Setup machine parameters
(password denny)
you should have the 'Micromill 2000 DENSTEP' expanded
click on Communication
Where it says Control Type 0
change to Control Type 20

it should run fine.

Hope that helps others.


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