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Edgecam turning post

Posted: Tue 23 Jan , 2018 18:08 pm
by Dodds
Can anyone help me please? I use edgecam to create programs for my Novamill and use the Denford postprocessor supplied on the forum here to generate the code.

Now I have a Novaturn I would like to use Edgecam for that as well! Except I don't have a suitable turning post. I have no idea how to make a post myself and so was wondering if anyone has a suitable Edgecam turning post they can share. Any other ideas welcome. :D


Re: Edgecam turning post

Posted: Tue 23 Jan , 2018 21:47 pm
by TDIPower
I have the early turning design program which is very limited in its ability, I also bought the current quickturn program direct from denford. I haven't been able to spend as much time as I would like 'honing' the set up of it for my machine and trying to get my head round how settings are created/stored and their actual effects on the final code. I have tried to use 'supplied' settings for my machine (starturn 5) but it seems somewhat over zealous on the amount it wants to be cutting (almost stalling the motor!!)

Both these programs allow you design and produce the G code.

If you email/PM me a simple file in DXF and let me know what tools you have in which location on the tool post (if you have and ATC) Ill see if I can POST it for you so you can try a code from the current version.

I am going to look into using Fusion 360 for Lathe work as I use that for Mill work and you can POST within it


Re: Edgecam turning post

Posted: Thu 25 Jan , 2018 23:13 pm
by Dodds
Thank you for responding to my questions pete and for the information we have shared via PM. Much appreciated!

Just to let everyone know I am still looking for a Denford lathe postprocessor!! My Novaturn runs on VR Turning.


Re: Edgecam turning post

Posted: Fri 01 May , 2020 16:35 pm
by anthonymace
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