From STL to FNC cheaply or for free

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From STL to FNC cheaply or for free

Post by cowpat » Wed 21 Dec , 2011 22:07 pm

I've just purchased a second hand microrouter and am strugling to get it going.

I create my 3D designs using FreeCAD; this can export in many formats including STL.
I therefore need a piece of software that will take my 3D STL design and turn it into NC codes that VR Milling understands.
I am aware that QuickCAM 3D PRO can do just this, but I am also aware that this costs £345 which is a little out of my reach as a 'garden shed inventor'.

Therefore, does anyone know of any alternative software that can generate Denford compatible .fnc files from 3d STL files (or any other 3D file format) that is either free or very cheap?

Thanks in anticipation.

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Re: From STL to FNC cheaply or for free

Post by Denford Admin » Thu 22 Dec , 2011 10:05 am

You could try MeshCAM - fully functional for 30 days.

I'm asking about the price of quickCAM pro for individuals.
We have a license fee to pay on every version we sell which determines the price - the agreement allows us to sell cheaply to education but not to industry. I don't know what the agreement says about hobbyists though...

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