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Yet another tool height gauge design

Posted: Tue 30 Jan , 2007 8:30 am
by dazz

I decided to design and make a tool height gauge so I drew up the one attached. I wanted a nice little turning job to make a gauge that would not move once set to the correct height. Adjustment in this case is by cutting a piece of steel to the correct length to suit a specific lathe. I only have one lathe and so I only need one gauge set to one fixed height.

The design aims to provide some protection for the gauge surfaces and edges. It works for both front and rear mounted tools depending on which way up it stands. If you buy a new lathe, only the centre piece needs to be remade to suit.

Unfortunately, I found this odd looking square for a very cheap price. It's just right for a tool height gauge. I have never seen another square like it. Made in England by H.M.M Ltd. There is no point in me making the height gauge. I will focus my effort on a different project.

So that my design work isn't entirely wasted, I am posting it here so that someone else might make it. Sorry about the print size. It would help if you have access to an A3 printer.