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v clearance initial cut depth ignored

Posted: Thu 08 Oct , 2020 10:22 am
by markymac
I've been attempting to create wooden inlays using the method developed by Paul Zank and Damian Durante, the method requires a cut path that starts below the surface of the billet to create the "male part."

I've been using the advanced settings to attempt to achieve this, and for v carve plans it works perfectly (I get an actual cut depth that is the sum of the initial and the max cut depths)

However when using the exact same settings for a v clearance plan the resultant cut depth is only the max cut depth and the initial depth setting appears to be ignored.

I'm able to get around this problem by changing my tool offset in vr milling and cutting separate files but would prefer if I could streamline the process.

Can anyone shine a light on why this might be happening

Re: v clearance initial cut depth ignored

Posted: Thu 08 Oct , 2020 11:15 am
by Steve
The V carve settings work from the surface of the material. Are you effectively trying to V Carve into the bottom of a pocket?

I am not sure if that would work as the depth the carving goes to is set by the geometry on the surface. Also there would be no collision detection around the tool.

The solution may be to create two programs and set the Z datum for the second program on the surface you want to V care into. You would have to make sure you avoid collisions into the material above the z datum.

Re: v clearance initial cut depth ignored

Posted: Thu 08 Oct , 2020 14:51 pm
by markymac
Thanks for your reply Steve,

I'm unsure what you mean about trying to v carve into the bottom of a pocket. I'm guessing you mean cutting the bottom face of an existing cavity but this isn't the case.

Currently I'm trying to cut the orange piece from the below diagram to create a decorative inlay (the red piece was no hassle)
VCarve Inlay.png
VCarve Inlay.png (14.93 KiB) Viewed 367 times
The design requires me to use both v carve and v clearance to remove all the unwanted material, the initial start depth is used so that the orange piece will have a width that matches the red piece part way down the peak.

My problem is that the v clearance plan is starting from the surface of the material even though I've set it to start below. (the v carve plan is working perfectly with the same settings)

I'm finding it difficult to articulate, I will try to get some pictures showing the result when I next get a chance.

Re: v clearance initial cut depth ignored

Posted: Fri 09 Oct , 2020 12:20 pm
by Steve
can you email me the cad files and some screenshots of the cutter paths you are selecting?