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quickcam 2d design

QuickCam 2D Design

Post by MattDerbyUni » Fri 03 Aug , 2012 12:11 pm

:3D: I know this might be an easy question to answer but I can’t figure it out. I want to cut out a circle on the vertical router. To stop the bit falling out damaging the tool, you need to put in bridges joining the two bits. I am drawing it straight on to quickcam 2d design.
*so draw a circle
*delete small sections
*open it up in cam wizard.
*when assigning the machining plan and if the gap made is big enough the cutter will go from one end of the drawing to the other cutting your work in half.
How do I stop this?

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Re: QuickCam 2D Design

Post by Denford Admin » Fri 03 Aug , 2012 14:00 pm

If you're using the follow path to cut out the circle then it's because the cutter is defined too big - in otherwords it sees there is no point pulling out to go over the bridge because the cutter has already broekn through it (ie, the centre of cutter is at endpoint of each arc segment)
See this post:

You can tell it the cutter is only say, 1mm and it will not join the ends of the arc segments.

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Re: QuickCam 2D Design

Post by Steve » Fri 03 Aug , 2012 16:18 pm

There is a feature in QuickCAM 2D that autojoins lines if the ends are within the diameter of the cutter.

Turn this feature off from the Menu as shown and this may fix the problem.
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Re: QuickCam 2D Design

Post by sonali31 » Tue 05 Mar , 2019 12:53 pm

This discussion pretty well helped..!!!

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