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by dpslwk
Mon 27 Jan , 2020 19:05 pm
Forum: Electronics
Topic: Desk-top Tutor Keyboard RS232 Protocol
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Desk-top Tutor Keyboard RS232 Protocol

It looks like VR Turning still support an RS232 tutor input

Does any one know just what the tutor sends over the RS232?

Thinking about building a custom keyboard/MPG with something like an Arduino to send out the correct code over a comport to push into VR Turning
by dpslwk
Sun 26 Jan , 2020 16:10 pm
Forum: VR Turning - All Versions
Topic: G92 threading cycle
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Re: G92 threading cycle

I'm currently trying to rewrite the Fusion 360 Post processor to correct drilling and threading cycles Just trying to get G92 working and need to file a BUG in VR Turning, seen in v1.33 and v1.51 I'm only doing this in the simulator / virtual machine right now as I'm not near the our Novaturn. Using...