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by jdallimore
Wed 23 Jan , 2019 17:36 pm
Forum: Turn270
Topic: centre drill off centre
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centre drill off centre

hello, I suspect its simply something Ive forgotten to do... On a Turn 270M I am trying to drill out a centre hole. The centre approaches the piece off centre by about 10mm. I would imagine I've forgotten to do something with datums, but would appreciate it if someone could go through how to set up ...
by jdallimore
Wed 01 Aug , 2018 11:23 am
Forum: Compact 1000
Topic: Drilling holes
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Drilling holes

Hello, On the Denford compact 1000 pro, is it possible to change the router head for a drill bit to drill holes - for example, I am currently doing a set of wooden backers for some brass plaques which have 4 screws at the corners - is it possible to drill the pilot holes for these whilst routing out...
by jdallimore
Mon 30 Jul , 2018 14:25 pm
Forum: Software
Topic: Running Denford software on Linux
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Running Denford software on Linux


Is there a Linux version of Denford software available, and will Denford machines run off a Linux box?

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