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by rs-tackle
Thu 15 Oct , 2020 11:51 am
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Topic: G71 Type 2
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G71 Type 2

Hello, I would like to run the following program code but the machine does not run like I know it from Fanuc the contour is exactly the same when roughing half the contour is turned awake how can you solve that? G0 Z2 G0 X42 G71 U1. R0.5 G71 P10 Q19 U0.5 W.1 F0.27 N10 G42 G01 X0 Z1 F0.18 G1 Z0 x5 G3...
by rs-tackle
Sat 02 Apr , 2016 21:38 pm
Forum: Turn270
Topic: New Turn 270NS is the middle of editing are
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New Turn 270NS is the middle of editing are

Hello I have the following problem with my New Turn 270NS no matter what program I will run automatically remains in the second embodiment , the machine in the middle of the processing of the feed are then the software must be restarted and then it runs again 1 times by the second time again the sam...